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PowerMill Advanced 5-Axis Training: Web

PowerMill Advanced 5-Axis Training: Web

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This course covers the Fundamentals of working with multi-axis machines within PowerMill. Topics covered include 5th axis positional and simultaneous milling; including tool alignments, surface projection, pattern finishing, swarf toolpaths, flowline finishing, automatic collision avoidance, tool axis limits, tool axis editing, and machine axis control. Learners will also spend time reviewing their specific application and how the fundamental tools can be applied to their unique jobs.

Who Should Attend:
Users already familiar with the PowerMill environment and are looking to integrate multi-axis capability into their operation. Users should have completed the PowerMill Essentials/Intermediate course and have attained a working proficiency with the PowerMill product.

  • Type: Web/Remote
  • Pre-Requisites: Essentials/Intermediate
  • Course Length: 2 days